Assessment & Development Centre

Our team of experienced assessors and consultants will provide you with:

  • Consulting and substantive care,
  • Assessment Centre or Development Centre session built on a strong methodological foundation,
  • Selection of appropriate evaluation criteria,
  • Authored tasks, tailored to your business reality,
  • Content reports with an indication of development potential and areas for individual work for the Candidate,
  • Candidate feedback session (supporting self-development),
  • A feedback session for the potential/current supervisor (giving solutions and inspiration for working with the person),
  • training for internal assessors,
  • Support in the creation of development plans and selection of employee development methods.

In today’s business reality, the key decision is to entrust tasks to the right person who will succeed in the position we entrust to him.

The Assessment Centre and Development Centre method makes it possible, with high probability, from among a group of Candidates to select those who have the best competencies to take on a given role.

We design and implement Assessment and Development Centre sessions for managerial positions

What the Assessment & Development Centre is about

The assessment process by the Assessment Centre and Development Centre method is usually organized as a one-day session, during which participants perform various tasks.

The tasks performed are varied. These can be tasks in which participants, divided into groups, compete or cooperate to achieve the best possible result.

Typical tasks performed during Assessment Centre and Development Centre sessions are tasks in which, on the basis of a set of information on the market situation of the company or a business event, Candidates search for the optimal strategy to proceed (case study) or in-basket tasks involving finding the optimal solution based on a large amount of scattered information.

A popular task during Assessement Centre and Development Centre sessions for management positions is also role-playing and simulations of “difficult” conversations with an employee, client, supervisor or trade union representative, according to a well-defined scenario and goal to be achieved.

Assessment Centre and Development method compared to other methods is:


It is based on observation of Candidates’ behavior in near-natural situations.


It is based on multiple sources of information about the Candidate.


Refers to the core competencies required to effectively perform the tasks of the job.


It is the result of integrating information from the observation of the Candidate’s behavior by several assessors.

The Assessment Centre and Development Centre method is widely used in making important decisions in the area of company personnel policy. With the results obtained, you can:

  • Assess the development potential of employees for specific positions,
  • Conduct effective recruitment and selection of Candidates,
  • Identify training needs and accurately plan development cycles,
  • Determine the path of professional development,
  • plan succession policies.
As a representative of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland, I have been working with Stalwart Manacus for more than 2 years in diagnosing the leadership potential of employees. Each time, the sessions were organized in a professional manner, and the post-assessment reports give a complete picture of employees’ competencies and skills. I highly recommend working with Stalwart Manacus!
Monika Czekańska-Wincek
Senior Specialist
People & Culture / Talent & Diversity div.
Perfectly executed recruitment process. Very high level of all proposed candidates. I recommend 100%.
Slawomir Golec
I have been working with stalwart Manacus on a development project for more than 2 years. From the very beginning, I see and appreciate their commitment and professionalism. We are pleased with the results, as an organization. However, the company is first and foremost people, so I must mention the “chemistry” that played “at first sight” and the amazing “flow” in cooperation with the ladies Ala, Anna and Ewa. Recommended!
Katarzyna Tomaszewska
HR Business Partner – People & Culture Team
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland
It is my pleasure to recommend Stalwart Manacus as a trustworthy professional in conducting recruitment projects. I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Anna Podlaska several times, and regardless of the scope of the project, area or industry, I could always count on high competence and timeliness, as well as efficient project management. What sets Stalwart Manacus apart from other HR agencies? As a candidate, what I appreciate most is the professionalism that was palpable at every moment of the cooperation and was contained in such simple, yet not for all agencies obvious, activities as keeping in touch with the candidate, providing feedback, advising and making sure that as a candidate I felt like a partner in the recruitment process. I sincerely recommend.
Adam Drabik
Chief Operating Officer – Interim Management

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