1. General Information.

We ensure that we protect and respect the privacy of the users of our website (www.stalwart-manacus.pl). All data that we obtain during contact with the website users are protected at all times and in accordance with the current legislation. Each user has the right to rectify or erase any data that was made available to us by sending a message through the contact form.

We inform that we follow the provisions of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (GDPR). As the Controller of the personal data which our Customers, Clients and Users of our website make available to us, as well as a Partnership that cares for maintaining high standards in relation to the protection of personal data, we provide relevant information regarding the processing of your personal data.

We care about the security of the personal data entrusted to us, that is why we developed and implemented internal procedures which are to prevent disclosure of data to unauthorized parties. This documentation is from time to time reviewed for compliance with GDPR, the Personal Data Protection Act of 10 May 2018 and other legal acts.

2. Who is the Controller of your Personal Data?

STALWART MANACUS Anna Podlaska Anna Hałubiec s.c. (former name: STALWART MANACUS Anna Podlaska), with its registered seat at ul. Mieszczańska 27/66, 50-201 Wrocław, NIP 8982263655, referred to as STALWART MANACUS or the Partnership, is the Controller of your personal data. The Controller appointed a Data Protection Officer who may be contacted in matters related to personal data protection by a message through the contact form (with the note "IOD").

3. How Was the Data Obtained?

The data that we control were obtained directly from you, through the contact form available at www.stalwart-manacus.pl, provided over the phone or in the course of the recruitment process (Candidates for a job), given during the process of making an offer / negotiating agreements on our services (Clients/Customers), as well as in the process of choosing/starting cooperation with Entities rendering services for STALWART MANACUS.

4. What is the Scope of Personal Data Processing by STALWART MANACUS?

Depending on their purpose, your personal data as:

a. Data of website Users / Candidates (in connection with a recruitment service rendered by STALWART MANACUS): Will be processed in the scope that the persons whom the data concerns voluntarily make their data available.

This can apply to the following categories of personal data: name, surname, place of residence, region, telephone, email, sex, date of birth (year, month, day), current salary, financial expectations, education.

Additional information provided in CV forms such as:

  • EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS: name of institutions / date of commencement and date of completion,
  • EXPERIENCE – employer / date of commencement and date of completion, - position, - responsibilities,
  • EMPLOYMENT – type of business, - position in structure,
  • KNOWLEDGE OF LANGUAGES - language, - level: elementary / intermediate / advanced,
  • COURSES AND TRAINING - course / training, - proficiency in programs, - program.

b. Data of Customers / Clients / Suppliers of services rendered for STALWART MANACUS will be processed in the scope of identification data, contact details, company name, NIP, REGON, PESEL, bank account number, identification data given by your employees/agents, settlement of accounts history, agreement and services history information. The consent to the processing of the data is freely given; however, it is required in order to conclude an agreement and carry out cooperation between the Controller and the Supplier / Recipient of a service.

5. What is the Purpose of Processing of your Personal Data?

Your personal data may be processed for the following purposes:

a. rendering HR services, including recruitment, personnel advisory, Assessment Centre and Development Centre services,
b. rendering training, auditing and advisory services,
c. providing commercial information concerning the activity of the Partnership,
d. sending and receiving correspondence,
e. presenting STALWART MANACUS’ services offer,
f. working towards signature of an agreement,
g. executing an agreement,
h. marketing products and services offered by the Controller,
i. bookkeeping (e.g., issue of invoice for a recruitment service may require the processing of personal data),
j. pursuing claims arising out of the conducted business activity,
k. processing complaints,
l. performing statistical analyses,
m. processing in relation to keeping records (evidence) in order to secure information for should a legal need to prove facts arises,
n. other activities for which your freely given consent will be required.

6. What is the Basis for the Processing of Your Personal Data?

Depending on their purpose, your personal data will be processed pursuant to Article 6(1) (a), (b), (c) and (f) of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27th April 2016 (GDPR):

a) Article 6(1)(a) of GDPR, i.e., actions that you gave your voluntary consent, e.g., consent for recruitment or acceptance of Cookies on the https://www.stalwart-manacus.pl website.

If you respond to an offer concerning an active recruitment process, the Partnership assumes that the basis for processing the data included in the application sent by you is the candidate’s consent, which is manifest in action consisting in, e.g., sending application documentation containing your personal data to the Partnership. A consent obtained this way does not apply to future recruitment processes for which a Candidate must give his active consent which is recorded in our system.

All consents for processing personal data may be revoked at any time by using the contact form or sending a message through the contact form.

b) Article 6(1)(b) of GDPR, i.e., processing necessary in connection with preparation and performance of a cooperation agreement with STALWART MANACUS.

c) Article 6(1)(c) of GDPR, i.e., processing necessary for compliance with a legal obligation of the Partnership, e.g., for financial, including tax, purposes.

d) Article 6(1)(f) of GDPR, i.e., processing for the purposes of legitimate interests pursued by STALWART MANACUS, such as:

  • sending and receiving correspondence,
  • handling complaints,
  • potential necessity to determine, pursue potential civil law claims, damages and protection about such claims,
  • performing statistical analyses,
  • processing in relation to keeping records (evidence) in order to secure information for should a legal need to prove facts arises.

7. Rights of Data Subjects.

As the Controller, STALWART MANACUS ensures data subjects the right to:

  • request access to personal data, as well as request that the data is rectified, erased or its processing is restricted;
  • object to processing of personal data;
  • move personal data;
  • lodge a complaint to a supervisory authority (i.e., the President of the Personal Data Protection Office) if you think that the processing of your personal data violated GDPR;
  • if the processing of your personal data is based on consent, the Controller ensures that you have the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data for a particular purpose. Withdrawing the consent does not affect the legality of data processing prior to revocation of the consent.

8. How Long Will We Process Your Personal Data?

  • Your personal data processed under an agreement (clause 6a-b) will be processed for a period necessary to execute such an agreement and, after its termination, for a period required by the provisions of the law./li>
  • Personal data may also be processed after completing the purpose for which they were obtained if there is a legal basis for further processing, e.g.:
    • processing is necessary to fulfil a legal obligation of the Controller, e.g., data processing connected with accounting, pursuant to accounting regulations;
    • processing is necessary to fulfil legally justified interests of the Controller, e.g., in order to determine, pursue or protect claims connected with the conducted business activities.
  • Personal data processed under consent will be processed until the consent is withdrawn.

9. Will Your Personal Data Be Subject to Automated Processing?

Your personal data will be processed in IT systems. This may result in automated processing of personal data.

10. Who Can We Transfer Your Personal Data To?

Personal data may be transferred chiefly to third parties who provide and support tele-information services for STALWART MANACUS, as well as providers of legal, advisory, auditing, accounting services, etc. These entities will process your data only upon our request, pursuant to a required personal data processing agreement, and with the assurance of the entities to use appropriate data protection measures. Your personal data may be transferred only to legally authorised institutions (e.g., the Police, prosecutors’ offices, courts). We will not transfer your personal data outside the European Union.

11. How to Contact Us in Matters Connected with the Processing of Your Personal Data?

In all matters connected with the processing of your personal data, please contact us by sending a message through the contact form.

12. Final Provisions.

There may be links on the Website at www.stalwart-manacus.pl which direct to other web pages. Such web pages are independent of the Website and are in no way supervised by the Website. These web pages may have their own privacy policies and regulations which you should read.

STALWART MANACUS reserves the right to change the personal data protection policy due to the development of internet technologies, change in data protection legislature and growth of our website. You will be notified about all such changes in an easily visible and understandable manner.

We appreciate that you have found time for Stalwart Manacus. We remain at your disposal.

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