Since 2006, we have been supporting companies in increasing their efficiency through HR consulting.

We put our experience and strengths into practice by cooperating with organisations from all over Poland, as well as with some of our Clients in Europe. Our clients include large and medium-sized companies, which represent various sectors of the economy.

We achieve our competitive advantage through an individualised approach to each Client and project. Understanding the Client’s vision becomes our mission.

Analysis and assistance in creating job descriptions

A job description is one of the basic tools in the human resources management policy. It is the starting point for the creation of an organisational structure and is closely related to other elements of personnel policy.

The job description communicates to the employee the requirements set by the organisation for the given position, determines the qualifications he/she should have or obtain in order to be efficient, and the attitudes and behaviours desired by the company. It defines the scope of responsibility, the employee’s main duties and the indicators used to assess performance.

It also indicates how a given role corresponds to other positions in the organisation. Thanks to a job description, it is possible to compare the organisation’s requirements related to the characteristics of the person who holds or will hold the given position, that is why it can be used to define recruitment requirements and objectively compare candidates. It is also a basis for job evaluation, employee assessment, incentive systems and career path planning.

Depending on your needs, we can help you create job descriptions or modify existing ones so that they communicate the specifics of the role, reflect your organisation’s business strategy and support you in managing employees.

Job evaluation

Job evaluation involves assessing the value of work at particular positions in an organisation according to defined criteria followed by establishing an internal hierarchy of positions in the organisation, creating a remuneration structure that reflects that hierarchy and comparing it with data from the labour market. Thanks to job evaluation, it is possible to build a coherent remuneration system in the context of the business environment and market wage rates.

The valuation process allows to solve dilemmas, e.g., whether we want to offer the highest salaries, pay similarly to our competitors or less than they do, but build a more aggressive variable remuneration system. Clear-cut salary brackets streamline the decision-making process in terms of shaping salary levels, support negotiations in the recruitment process and help optimise remunerations costs.

We can organise and manage the whole process or conduct an analysis and advise which valuation method to adopt in your organisation and which criteria to choose. We can also provide consultancy support in implementing changes.

Designing bonus systems for organisations or selected employee groups

A custom bonus system guarantees to motivate employees to achieve better results and reach company goals. Bonus schemes adapted to the nature of the company and a group of employees reduce the risk of losing key employees.

Apart from a complex bonus system for the whole company, it is also possible to create a system only for a chosen group of employees.

A clear and understandable bonus system is not only an essential element of motivation but also allows to optimise labour costs.

Creating remuneration budgets for organisations

Job valuation, salary adjustments, bonus systems... OK, we have great tools, but how much does it cost? Maybe it’s worth calculating how much of your budget should be allocated to achieve your target salary levels? And plan it on a time scale? And how much should be set aside to guarantee that bonuses are paid out when the expected results are achieved?

What are our priorities and what are the risks? Where to direct resources first if their availability is limited?

All of this should be well-planned in order not to be surprised during the year and not forced to make emergency decisions.

Creation of a map of processes conducted in the HR area

The natural next step is to answer the question of whether everything works well. An analysis of the course of processes will help – does reality correspond to our expectations?

Even if everything works smoothly, it is worth preparing processes for the changes that may come and optimise them on an ongoing basis.

Developing career paths

Diagnosing the internal promotion opportunities, both vertical and horizontal, and creating development paths allow for conscious career management of employees. This translates into maintaining their commitment and motivation to work. Showing the organisation’s long-term employee development perspective can be one of the main assets that new employees consider.

Internal recruitment and strengthening the competency potential of employees also brings benefits to the organisation – optimisation of recruitment costs, monitoring of employee development and more effective planning of human resources.

Support for the managers

As part of our support for managers, we offer individual and group sessions aimed at strengthening managers’ leadership skills. Delegating, accounting, motivating or organising teamwork are skills that can be taught. Unfortunately, in the fast pace of our work, there may not be enough time for this and a young manager may be thrown in at the deep end. We know how important it is to consciously build up the leader’s authority from the very first moments of his or her work with the team. This is also a form of work for managers who have built their position through their own experience – our work with such people focuses on diagnosing their strong areas, defining the pillars of their individual leadership style and making them aware of areas that need to be strengthened or eliminated.


The initial period of work in an organisation is crucial to any employee’s adaptation to the organisation. Why? Because it is one of the key factors determining whether an employee stays in a company for longer. It also allows to develop a sense of security, getting to know not only the activities and business but also the organisational culture. Good onboarding guarantees a shorter induction period, allows the new employee to become independent and builds self-confidence in the context of new processes and tasks. As part of cooperation in the area of onboarding, we offer the creation of a process grid adapted to the specificity of a company – designing individual stages of action, creating necessary materials and a plan that includes systemic solutions that can be used by different organisational units.

GDPR not only in HR

Human resource management in any organisation involves the processing of personal data. Nowadays, people involved in the recruitment process, as well as hired employees, are increasingly aware of their rights and freedoms under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Proper data protection has a huge impact on the image of any organisation, regardless of whether that organisation is an employer or a client.

We offer reliable and comprehensive services, supported by years of experience, in the area of personal data protection and information security. We provide support in auditing and adjusting your organisation to the requirements of personal data protection regulations, including GDPR. Our wide range of services includes, among other things: identification of data processing processes, where we will indicate activities connected with processing data and their legal bases, verification of the correctness of records of activities and categories of processing, verification of data processing notices, data processing in relations with suppliers, employee training in the application of Privacy by Design/Default principles, and many others. We will provide recommendations tailored to your situation and needs. At your request, we will adjust your existing data protection documentation to correspond to the current legal situation.

Professional coaching for managers

We support our clients in achieving sustainable development of their employees’ skills and, consequently, performance through coaching. We work with leaders at various levels of the organisation and help them introspect and consider their actions from a different perspective. In the course of coaching sessions, they identify their natural talents, learn to make full use of them, set more precise goals, optimise their actions, and make increasingly accurate decisions.

We strictly adjust our working methods to the company’s objectives, needs, as well as the character of employees and teams.

During our coaching programmes, participants not only acquire knowledge and skills but also achieve concrete, measurable results. The changes are also reflected in the quality of life of the organisation.

We have a permanent team of experienced coaches who are people working in different areas of business: psychologists, managers of well-known Polish and international companies.

Our coaching programmes meet all the criteria required by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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I have been cooperating with Stalwart Manacus in connection with a development project for over 2 years. I have seen and appreciated their commitment and professionalism from the very beginning. We are satisfied with the results as an organization. However, above all, a company is about the people, so I have to mention the "chemistry", which was there "from first sight" and amazing "flow" in cooperation with Ms Ala, Anna and Ewa.
Katarzyna from Toyota Manufacturing Poland

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