Precise and Discreet

Stalwart Manacus knows where to search for the best people.
We are a team of headhunters who specialise in recruitment of top-class specialists for middle and senior management positions. We identify your needs thoroughly. We find only such people who meet your requirements.

Our team of consultants methodologically searches the market. You stay in contact with one of them – the Lead Coordinator. This person will presents you with the search results according to a firmly established schedule.

We respect your time.

In our understanding, a recruitment process consists in cooperation of three, equally involved parties: a Client, us and a Candidate. The key to success is an inspiring meeting – a similar outlook on business, common goals and an interesting perspective. It is up to us to reach suitable Candidates, pass on important information in time and create a possibility for the Parties to meet. However, the final outcome is decided by the Client and the Candidate.

One of STALWART MANACUS’ strong points is a permanent team of consultants who constantly broaden their knowledge about the Client, which ensures facilitated cooperation between the parties. Our Consultants are experts in the businesses they recruit for.

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We appreciate that you have found time for Stalwart Manacus. We remain at your disposal.

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