Highly qualified specialists

Stalwart Manacus perfectly understands that people make up the heart of every organisation. Evolving along with your company, they shape its image. For this reason, you want to be sure that people whom you dedicate your time to, will understand and share your values and be able to turn them into action as part of your organisational culture. Only such people can be entrusted with the realisation of your vision. You assign Stalwart Manacus a specific task: from a group of skilled professionals, we are to select the best managers, who will develop their full potential in your company.

Our services are: Executive Search, Assessment Centre, Psychological tests.

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We Know Each Other. We Share Common Goals.

We are familiar with your needs and values. This is the constitutional condition of our service.
To get to know your vision becomes our mission.
The knowledge of trades is a matter of experience. It is a priceless gift from all our Clients.

We are passionate about working with people.
We share common values such as ethics, partnership, cooperation, involvement and goal-orientation.
We take on an individual approach to each of our Clients and Candidates.
We also take full responsibility for each project.

Industry - The Structure in Motion.

Your company is an unceasing realisation of a great project. Keeping it in motion requires knowledge, technology, innovation and logistics. To face such a challenge, you need specialised personnel who are subject to as little fluctuation possible. Stalwart Manacus knows that in the industry, every single investment is designed for years.

Trade - You Explore Space. We Have to Keep up with You.

Trade. It is a challenge on the borderline between logistics and imagination, courage and reliability. The mobility in acting and thinking counts in it as well. It changes along with markets across which it travels. Set in motion and wisely operated, it surely will overcome any obstacle. Stalwart Manacus will find strategists who will keep up with fast pace and conquer new spaces for your company.

IT - To Be up to Date or Not to Be at All.

It has been said that the only thing faster than light is the IT sector. A high-definition look at the IT market lets us choose the best possible candidates here and now. Stalwart Manacus has the optimal algorithms for recruiting indispensable people. Finding a suitable candidate is no dilemma for us.

Finances - Reliable as Stalwart Manacus.

With an increase in the ability to read market signals, a decision point on the risk scale loses its value. However, the profit remains high. To earn it, you will need knowledge, experience and intuition. Thus, we have a lot in common. We assess people’s credibility, we have knowledge, procedures and experience. What does your intuition tell you?

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Executive Search

We have practical experience in working with different sectors of the economy. We know how to quickly reach the right people.

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Assessment Centre

We plan and run Assessment Centre and Development Centre sessions which allow us to evaluate predispositions and skills of Candidates.

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Psychological tests

We offer psychological tests to support recruitment processes.

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We appreciate that you have found time for Stalwart Manacus. We remain at your disposal.

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