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We work quickly and effectively.

Effective recruitment of employees.

According to our Customers we are head hunters for special tasks. We have many years of experience in conducting recruitment processes in specific business areas, maintain valuable business contacts and have extensive knowledge about potential Candidates in a given field.

Our strength is a permament team of consultants, who constantly build the knowledge of the Clients’ organizations, their culture and needs which ensures facilitated cooperation.

In our recruitment agency each consultant manages max 4 projects at the same time. Due to that we can focus fully on each project and deliver quickly Candidates that fulfill Customer expectations.

We can manage even the most
challenging projects.

We are characterized by proactive approach and ability to find solutions. We are ready to face even the most challanging projects:

  • 98% successfuly completed projects,
  • 80% of Customers continue cooperation with us after completing first project
  • 4 foreign languages – we work in english, italian, german and czech
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Recruitment agency Stalwart Manacus

What do we offer in the area of recruitment?

  • Direct search
  • Executive search
  • Possibility to hire a recruiter for hourly work or for a specific part of recruitment process
  • Assessment and Development Centre

And also psychological tests:

  • Process Communation Model®
  • Insights Discover
  • Extended Disc
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Rules that we follow during
employees recruitment:

We never withdraw from started recruitment process.

We consider project as completed only when the Customer hires one of recommended by us Candidates.

We guarantee full data confidentiality.

We recommend Candidates that fulfill the requirements agreed with Customer.

We verify the references.

All available information about the Candidate are included in the report and discussed with Customer.

We make sure that the Candidates participating in a recruitment process always receive feedback at each stage of the process.

The Candidates hired by us are the subject to „off limits” clause during their whole employment at the Customer. It means that until they quit work for the Customer we do not invite them to other recruitment processes.

We do not invite to recruitment processes employees of the Customers that we actively cooperate with.

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Recruitment methods

We search Candidates with different methods. The most commonly used methods are direct search and executive search.

We also use our own Candidates’ database that at the moment consists of 23000 applications.

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Employees recruitment

Employees recruitment in our agency is based on the following tools:

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