GDPR Audit

The GDPR audit aims to identify potential threats and gaps in the data protection system, as well as to propose appropriate corrective and preventive actions.

The compliance audit may be performed by internal or external auditors who have appropriate qualifications and experience in the field of law and personal data security. The audit should cover legal, technical, organizational and human aspects related to the processing of personal data in a given organization.

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GDPR Audit – for whom and when it should be carried out?

There is no doubt that periodic GDPR audits are necessary. We recommend conducting audits every year. This is a time when many changes occur in organizations. At the same time, it is not a very long period.

Is a GDPR compliance audit mandatory?

A GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance audit is not formally specified as mandatory in the text of the regulation. However, GDPR regulations require organizations to comply with personal data protection principles, and conducting a GDPR audit can be an effective way to assess compliance with these regulations. Such an audit allows you to identify potential weaknesses in personal data processing processes and ensures the possibility of making the necessary changes to ensure compliance with the GDPR.

The GDPR introduces the principle of accountability, which means that an organization must be able to demonstrate compliance with data protection regulations. A GDPR audit may be part of the proof of such compliance. Although auditing is not required by GDPR as an ongoing obligation, conducting audits regularly is recommended as a best practice.

What does a GDPR audit look like at Stalwart Manacus?

As part of the GDPR audit, we analyze the existing procedures regarding the protection of personal data used by the client, employees and entities cooperating with them, procedures and mechanisms. We give opinions on documents.

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