The STALWART MANACUS coaching team is made up of practitioners, often with both in-house and consulting experience. So they understand the specifics of your business and the challenges involved.

The scope of our activities includes solutions at both the strategic level and development programs for employee groups at different levels of the organization.

Our know-how covers the following areas:
1. Tailor-made training
2. Open training

Our team of trainers will support you with professional consulting, enabling you to practically implement new solutions in your organization.

Trainer conducting training with a group of participants
A group of businessmen and businesswomen during a training session

1. Tailor-made training

We take an individual approach to each project we implement. We take great care to ensure that our program proposals relate to the realities of the client company and the actual professional challenges faced by the trainees. We understand development as a process based on small but systematic progress, which after some time brings the expected change.

Feel free to contact us, we will prepare an offer especially for you, taking into account the specifics and needs of your Company.

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2. Open training

Our open training courses are for people who want to expand their knowledge in a specific topic and enrich their own experience with the perspective of different business sectors.

It is also an alternative for companies that want to develop their employees individually.

We address our offer to both individuals and those referred for training by companies.

The substantive content and methodology of each training has been developed based on the extensive knowledge and experience of our team of trainers.

We always make sure that the training carried out each time is tailored to the expectations and level of knowledge and competence of individual participants.

Working in small groups and the interactive nature of the training, allow for thorough practice of the issues presented.

The training courses we offer are in response to requests from our clients.

We strive to ensure that our offerings include training on the most sought-after and popular topics.

We invite you to open training sessions

Recruitment of employees – training

What does HR training look like?

Professional recruitment based on behavioral interviewing.

It is a training course designed for those working or planning to start working as a recruiter, HR staff, as well as managers who are involved in the planning, recruitment and selection of personnel on a daily basis.

In a simple and accessible way, we teach how:

  • Create job descriptions, candidate profiles and recruitment ads,
  • conduct an effective recruitment process,
  • construct behavioral questions that test specific competencies, check the degree of fit between the candidate and the organizational culture,
  • identify a candidate’s likely post-employment behavior,
  • conduct recruitment interviews in a professional, friendly manner that builds the brand of the recruiter and the potential employer.
Businesswoman congratulates at recruitment training based on behavioral interviewing

Survey of employee potential

Assessor’s Workshop

The assessor training course expands skills in conducting competency testing using Assessment Center (AC) and Development Center (DC) methods.
It is directed to individuals:

  • preparing to serve as assessors,
  • HR employees – recruiters, specialists, HR business partners, managers,
  • team managers who want to engage more strongly in the development process of their employees,
  • consultants and business trainers.

The Assessor’s Workshop is a practical training focused on:

  • creating aptitude descriptions and competency profile and selecting competencies for AC/DC sessions,
  • preparation of appropriate tasks for a specific project, assessments of competence in tasks,
  • constructing reports and compiling data that enable objective comparison of session participants in terms of the competencies under study,
  • providing feedback to session participants so that they feel positively motivated, aware of how they can use their strengths in their daily work and what competencies and skills they need to develop and how to do it.

The workshop culminates with a simulation of an AC or DC process. We also offer the opportunity to further train Assessors who would like to develop their skills as trainees, in AC and DC sessions conducted by us.

What does managerial training consist of?

Manager’s Academy

The Manager’s Academy is a comprehensive training project that allows you to learn effective managerial techniques, crucial in terms of efficiency, response to change or goal achievement. Participants in the Academy will be able to strengthen their managerial skills, improve their ability to communicate effectively and deal with conflict situations and difficult conversations with employees, strengthen their competence in building employee commitment, review their way of planning and organizing work, and learn about psychological-coaching tools or systematize their knowledge of the psychological aspects of team leadership. The Manager’s Academy consists of three modules:
I. An effective manager
II. Team management. Building an effective team
III. Communication as a manager’s meta-competency

Management training is designed for anyone who manages or will manage people in their work – team leaders, project managers, middle and senior management, and anyone who wants to increase their managerial effectiveness.

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