Career Coaching

We offer coaching and consulting programs with a set of specific tools and tips that support the achievement of goals.

We recommend you career coaching:

  • If you want to return to professional work after a long break,
  • if you have not been actively looking for a job for a long time and want to know what to pay attention to, how the recruitment process is currently looking like, what are the trends,
  • if you want to learn how to make your resume stand out from many others and prepare for a recruitment interview
  • If you feel you need to change something.

Career coaching is professional support for career development and job search.

This is a process in which you are accompanied by a Coach and in which you get to know yourself, you can look at your career from different perspectives. You discover new opportunities and get tools that support you in achieving your goals and keep you satisfied at work.

For whom?

Career coaching – who is it for?

  • Career coaching can help you prepare for a job change or a successful job search
  • Career Coaching is for you if you need support in setting your own professional goals and developing methods to achieve them effectively (including long-term career planning and determining the professional competencies needed to achieve them)
  • Career coaching can help you resolve career dilemmas such as:
    • Work for a large corporation or a smaller company?
    • Continue your career in your current profession or “go wild” and change professions?
    • Stay on the job or open your own business?
    • Close/sell my own business and return to full-time employment or continue the business? Or maybe modify it

Why to use career coaching?

Career coaching will help you analyze, understand and eliminate the obstacles that cause you to send resumes but not be invited to interviews or the invitations are few, as well as when you attend job interviews but they don’t end up with a job offer.

Career coaching can be a way for you to look at yourself when you lose motivation at work, feel tired or fatigued at work, experience stress at work.

Career coaching will help you develop a balance between your personal and professional life.


Career coaching is a way to look at ourselves when we have lost motivation at work, feel tired / weary of work, feel stress at work

Career coaching is a good way to prevent professional burnout, but also to intervene when, unfortunately, professional burnout has “got you”.

Career Coaching will help you discover how to work and act more effectively, with passion and joy.

Our Career Coaches are distinguished by a combination of:

  • labor market knowledge,
  • knowledge of traditional and state-of-the-art recruitment tools,
  • experience in coaching and consulting,
  • knowledge of psychological tools for working with change.

Realizing the Career Coaching service, we work with people who are just entering the labor market, as well as those who are actively shaping their career path – both specialists and managers of various levels and entrepreneurs.

If reading the description of what Coaching Career is you noticed that it applies to you contact us 🙂

We will talk about your current situation and needs, tell you the details and prepare a customized offer for you. You are welcome!

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