Coaching at Stalwart Manacus is primarily a process of extracting professional and personal potential, carried out in accordance with the highest standards. Our coaching programs meet all International Coach Federation (ICF) criteria.

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What is coaching?

Coaching is a development process in which the Client (so-called Coachee) receives the Coach’s support in making changes independently, based on their own discoveries, conclusions and resources.

It is a process oriented towards the present and the future, and its task is to activate the most valuable resources in a person. The goals of coaching may be related to both professional and personal spheres of life, but most often it is a tool used in the context of career.

Coaching – how it works and who will benefit from it?

Coaching helps you overcome barriers, expand your comfort zone and get out of it in order to achieve your goal. It is focused on determining desires and needs, identifying the tools needed to achieve them and eliminate barriers to development.

Thanks to the coaching process, participants get to know themselves better. This helps increase self-esteem, find work-life balance, and prepare for and implement changes.

Coaching is an opportunity to look at ourselves in the various roles we perform on a daily basis and take action to increase satisfaction with how we perform in them.

Types of coaching – what types we offer and how they differ?


  • It is addressed to people in high positions, such as directors, presidents, or top management.
  • The coach does not share knowledge during the session – his role is to ask questions that will help the manager discover his own solutions and believe in his abilities.
  • It is a tool for achieving better results by using your internal potential.


  • Useful, especially if a manager is starting a managerial/directorial career and requires support in this satisfying and at the same time demanding moment of life.
  • The aim of this type of coaching is to improve leadership skills, improve work efficiency and provide mental support in the change process.
  • The most valuable effect is increased self-confidence in a new role.


  • It focuses on the development of competences while performing work. The Coach takes part in discussing events from the Coachee’s daily work and supports the Client in improving professional competences.
  • On the job coaching is a tool for onboarding new employees, improving the competences of already employed people and motivating organization members to achieve assigned tasks.


  • Although it focuses on life planning and achieving personal goals, it also covers the ability to achieve work-life balance.
  • It is a tool for defining and achieving goals, focused on the present and the future
  • It does not refer to past events (although it can draw on them as a resource) and this is one of the basic differences between coaching and therapy.


  • It is dedicated to people who run their own business and want to change or develop it, as well as for people who plan to open their own company.
  • The aim of this type of coaching is to create a pro-active attitude and support the development of companies by defining goals and systematizing activities that are to be implemented.
  • Business coaching is a form of support for entrepreneurs in implementing their plans.

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What does a coaching session at Stalwart Manacus look like?

  • A session usually lasts approximately 1-1.5 hours and takes place no more often than every 2 weeks.
  • The number of sessions is determined individually, usually the entire coaching process lasts 4-8 sessions. After 4 sessions, we decide whether further sessions are needed.
  • Sessions can be held remotely or in a place chosen by Coachee.

What makes coaching in our company unique?

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How do our clients rate us?

Stalwart Manacus stands out very positively from other agencies as one that takes the time with the candidate, trying to understand his motivations and ambitions, and then keeps in touch with him by informing him of the current labor market situation and potential projects. As a candidate, I felt interest and support from Stalwart consultants. Thank you very much for such a unique approach to people active in the labor market.
Piotr Mokrzan
Plant Manager
My cooperation with Stalwart Manacus began in 2012. It has been 9 years of very productive cooperation, which has given me concrete benefits. Thanks to the advice and pragmatic view of the labor market, I precisely develop my skills, I am confident in my position in the labor market, which significantly translates into my professional success. I recommend contacting for people who are looking for themselves in business or are already experienced in the job market.
Sławomir Zabawa
Mondelēz International
ACM IoT app Product owner
If I were to sum up cooperation with Stalwart Manacus in three words they would be: individual approach to the customer, commitment and trust. All three of these values met our expectations at a high level, so much so that we would be ready to entrust the recruitment service to SM once again. The recruitment process carried out efficiently and professionally. As a customer, we did not for a moment get the impression that the company just wants to sell “any candidate” . On the contrary, recruitment interviews conducted with a lot of dedication and care to match the candidate as if he were a match for his company. I recommend
Anna Majka
Junior HR Business Partner
Recruitment process provided by Stalwart Manacus was exceptional and assure full success and satisfaction on three sides. Facilitation of communication between the customer and the candidate shows perfect preparation and deep understanding of mutual needs. The Consultants of Stalwart Manacus are the best recruitment specialists on the market, they demonstrate perfect profesional preparation, patience, emphatic and supportive attitude. Polish market needs this kind of profesionals.
Michał Bajdor
Plant Manager
Konsberg Automotive

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