Career coaching – what is it?

They are especially useful when you want to find and take advantage of new opportunities or you don’t know how to get started.

As a client of such a process (so-called Coachee), you work with an experienced Coach who helps you better understand your needs and aspirations in a professional context. This is a unique opportunity to look at your career path from many different perspectives. In this way, you can open the door to new, sometimes surprising professional opportunities.

During career coaching, you also receive a number of practical tools that enable you to achieve your professional goals and help you maintain long-term job satisfaction.

Moreover, this process significantly contributes to building your self-awareness and self-confidence, which is crucial in effectively managing your career. Cooperation with a Coach allows you to discover potential that may be unnoticed or underestimated, thus giving you the opportunity to make fuller use of your own resources in your professional life.

Career coaching
– for whom?

Career Coaching is for you if:

  • you send a lot of CVs and there are very few or no responses,
  • you take part in recruitment meetings, but someone else still receives the job offer,
  • you feel insecure in the labor market and you are not convinced about the correctness of your current career path,
  • you want to return to work after a long break,
  • you are preparing to change your job,
  • you don’t know the current labor market and want to know what to pay attention to, how the recruitment process works, what are the trends,
  • you want to learn how to make your CV stand out from many others and prepare for a job interview,
  • you want to achieve greater satisfaction from your professional life,
  • you need long-term career planning and identification of tools to achieve your goals.

In addition, it will help you answer the questions:

  • Work for a large corporation or a smaller company?
  • Continue your career in your current profession or “go wild” and change professions?
  • Stay on the job or open your own business?
  • Close/sell my own business and return to full-time employment or continue the business? Or maybe modify it?

Why is it worth choosing career coaching?

Taking advantage of career coaching allows you to eliminate many unpleasant circumstances related to managing your career. First of all, it eliminates the feeling of loneliness when changing jobs, the lack of appropriate support and the fear that accompanies such activities. With professional support, it is much easier to answer the most important questions related to our professional future, which affects our entire lives.

If you are faced with difficult choices, career coaching will allow you to make conscious decisions. It will help you, among others: analyze, understand and eliminate the blockages that cause you to send your CV but are not invited to interviews or there are few invitations and they do not end with a job offer.

Career coaching is also an effective method of preventing burnout, but also of intervening in situations when we already feel burnt out. This is a great tool not only in the face of great changes, but also for maintaining high motivation and satisfaction with your current professional achievements.

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Career coaching at Stalwart Manacus – what makes us stand out? – for whom?

When providing the Career Coaching service, our specialists work both with candidates who are just entering the labor market and with people who are actively shaping their career path.

When working with clients, they help answer the most important questions about professional work (including whether to work full-time or start your own company). The processes carried out help to make better decisions faster and with greater confidence.

Do you feel this is the solution for you? Please contact us! We will talk about your current situation and needs, tell you the details and prepare a customized offer for you. You are welcome!

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